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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

You Took My Breath Away (light rock/pop/adult alternative)


I Don't Look Good Naked Anymore (comedy)

I Only Drink When I Drive (comedy)

Mornin' After (comedy)

Pumpernickel and Pie (folk/comedy)

SheHe (off-color comedy/country)

Identity (folk/comedy/children song)

I'm In The Dog House (country comedy)

She Started Off With Elvis (comedy/americana/folk)

Southern Rock

Little Baby Jane

(Brad Belt)
January 18, 2017
Brad Belt

Songs redone

Are You Okay (americana/pop/adult alternative)

In The Night (vampire song/rock)

Follow The Madman (folk/rock/political)

House of Stones

(Brad Belt)
June 25, 2015
Brad Belt


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