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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

That's Not Why I Play With Lovely Sharlene (comedy)

(Brad Belt)

Never Up, Never In (comedy)

It Don't Take Brains To Play This Game (comedy)

(Brad Belt)

Dick Hits It Long (comedy)

Double Bogey Blues (comedy)


Big Baby Blues (r&b/blues)

Got This Feelin' (r&b/pop)

Stay Out Yo Way (r&b/folk/blues)

Washin' Machine Blues (blues)


First Time (bluegrass/country)

Give The Devil A Ride (country/folk)

Gonna Hold You Tonight (country/folk/pop)

I Wish (americana/country/pop)

If My Heart Could Write This Song (country/pop)

Lovin' Up A Storm (americana/country)

November Rain (country)

Think It's Gonna Rain Tonight (country)

When The Wrong Spark Lights The Flame (uptempo country)

Your Love In San Antone (country ballad)

How Do You Say You're Sorry (country ballad)

I Can Do That (uptempo country)

I Got The Rock (country)

Walk Up To You (Country)


A Candle In The Window (cont. folk/pop) (winner of the movie soundtrack song of the year at the 2006 Los Angeles Music Awards)

Holding You Now (civil war/pop/AAA)

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