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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Walk Up To You (Country)

(Brad Belt)
Walk Up To You

© 2000 Brad Belt

Barefoot in the moonlight
The waves are crashin' in
I feel the love that's in your heart
In the touch of your hand
You melt into my arms as I
Pull you close to me
I can see it all so clear
That's the way it's gonna be
If I can find a way to
Show my love to you

Chorus: Tell you, I'd like to
And let you know how much I care
Hold you, So you
Will know that I'll be there for you
Love you, I'd love to
If I could only get
These two feet to walk up to you

The wedding march just started
I look down the aisle
You're walkin' slowly to my side
Everybody smiles
We consummate our love today
With family and friends
Everything is perfect
In this reoccurring dream
I've got to find a way to
Show my love for you

Bridge: Maybe I could get someone
To introduce me to you
Then I could sweep your heart away
Or you could break mine in two