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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Dick Hits It Long (comedy)

(Brad Belt)
Dick Hits It Long

© 1998 Brad Belt

Dick is my buddy, the best I ever met
We play with each other ever chance we get
We sneak off from work, we sneak off from wives
Meet at the Club and have a Hell of a time

Chorus: Dick hits it long
And he puts it in the middle
I'm short but straight
My puttin' is stable
We play when it rains
We play when it's sunny
We'll play with you
And we'll take your money

We're a dynamic duo, I must confess
We never miss a scramble, that's what we do best
Comin' down the fairway, Dick is my man
But close to the hole, he puts it in my hands


If you must know the truth, we don't always win
In fact we lose money ever now and then
But in our minds we're the best, that ain't gonna change
'Cause nobody ever beats us at enjoyin' this game