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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Just To Be With You (rock)

(Brad Belt)
Just To Be With You

© 2001 Brad Belt

It's not hard to see
The hurt in those eyes
Someone cut you deep, girl
Left a big ol' scar inside
Now, you got a shield
That you hide behind
You don't let anyone see
What's all bottled up inside, but

Chorus: If you get lonely
And you need a friend
Just, call out my name, girl
As loud as you can
And I'll come runnin'
As fast as I can
'Cause there ain't nothin'
I wouldn't do for your lovin'
Ain't nothin' I wouldn't do, girl
Just to be with you, yeah
Just to be with you

To hang around like this
Is not apropos
I'm lookin' down the street
And packin' up my ego
But, if you ever turn your head
And look back for me
You just need to know, girl
I'll be just down that street