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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

I'm In The Dog House (country comedy)

(Tony Phipps)
I’m in the Dog House

© 2004 Tony Phipps and Brad Belt

Chorus: I’m in the dog house, don’t know what to do
Throw me a bone, cause I ain’t got a clue
Just when I think everything is goin all right
I wind up in the dog house, like I am tonight

She said I’m pickin the kids up about a half past one
And while I’m gone would you get just one thing done
The yard needs mowin she said with a frown
And I could tell by that look she wasn’t foolin around
I said, “Hey baby, I’ll get right on it.”


I put my work hat on and headed to the garage
But I happened to notice that old fishing rod
I thought I’d go to the hole to fish for awhile
Thirty fish later I had a big ol smile
But I thought to myself, man It’s getting kinda late


She met me at the door and said where’ve been
I said I got us some dinner baby would you let me in
But she blocked the door and it was plain to see
Another night in the hammock was in store for me
And I said “Aw baby why you treatin me so mean.”