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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

I Can Do That (uptempo country)

(Brad Belt)
I Can Do That

© 2007 Cynthia Ledbetter & Brad Belt

Can’t buy you a Lambourghini, I ain’t no millionaire
Can’t sing an Italian love song, or act all debonaire
Whoa no, I can’t, that just ain’t me

Can’t take you to Paris or even Hollywood
Can’t buy you Nioni jeans or a cabin in the woods
No way, I can’t, but given half a glance

Chorus: I can turn your pretty head
Make this ole world go away
Can put a pretty smile
There on your pretty face
And with just a little nudge of my
Do-you-want-to hand, I can
Take you to that place
That only the man who loves you can
You know it Babe, I can do that

Can’t paint like Picasso to decorate our walls
Won’t make it on the Idol, or a livin’ playin’ golf
Whoa no, I can’t, it just ain’t me

Never dunked a basketball or played a saxophone
Don’t have a cure for cancer or the president on the phone
‘Fraid not, no way, But I wish I did


Bridge: It ain’t hard missin’ you girl
All day when I work
Picturin’ you with your hair all messed
Still dressed in my t-shirt