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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

How Do You Say You're Sorry (country ballad)

How Do You Say You’re Sorry

© 1999 Brad Belt

Jack don't like the back seat, Mr. Daniels likes to drive
I thought he was a friend of mine, always by my side
'Til he took your love away one drink at a time
Now these questions are hangin' over me burnin' in my mind

Chorus: How do you say you're sorry, when you might break her heart again
How do you ask forgiveness for not bein' a man
How do wipe tears that have dried with tremblin' hands
How do you say you're sorry

I never knew that loneliness could ever hurt this bad
Each day I face the memories of the love that we once had
It was six months to the day since I left that drink alone
Your picture by the bedside keeps me hangin' on

Bridge: I threw that whiskey bottle as far as I could
I got myself together, I know you never thought I would
But, what I'd give for just one drink, I'm so sober I could die
Ain't no way I can burn this bridge, if you're not on my side