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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Your Love In San Antone (country ballad)

(Tony Phipps)
Your Love in San Antone

 1999 Tony Phipps & Brad Belt

In a small café in Austin
I'll sing about a girl I once knew
Her auburn hair, skin so fair
Eyes, Texas blue
And tonight, like every night
I'll still be missin' you

Chorus: I'll hang my hat in an Austin flat
While you're holdin' on in San Antone
What I'd give just to hold you girl
I'd trade everything I own
To walk these miles between
This Austin dream
And your love in San Antone

Boy, take your songs to Austin
You said through your tears
The hardest thing I've ever done
Was to leave you standin' there
And tonight, like every night
I'm wishin' you were here