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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

When The Wrong Spark Lights The Flame (uptempo country)

(Tony Phipps)
When the Wrong Spark Lights the Flame

 1999 Tony Phipps and Brad Belt

Well she looked at me with those beautiful eyes
And turned my world upside down
Now you know, I've been known
To be the biggest fool around
She kissed me and she hugged me, told me that she loved me
My head began to buzz
I'd forgot, but my good friend
Reminded me who she was

Chorus: That ring on her finger
Don’t mean enough to her
My mama always told me, "Son,
If you play with fire, you'll get burned
Ain't no need feelin' sorry for yourself
'Cause, there ain't nobody else to blame
You better watch it son, it ain't no fun
When the wrong spark lights the flame"

Well the flame is there, nothin' can compare
To the passion and desire
Every time I try to walk away
The flame keeps burnin' higher
She seems to know just what I like
I'm losin' all of my willpower
And if I give in, I'll jump out of the fryin' pan
Headfirst into the fire


You'd better watch it son, you're lookin' down a loaded gun
When the wrong spark lights the flame