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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Want For Nothing (adult alternative/americana/pop)

(Brad Belt)
Want For Nothing

© 2004 Brad Belt

If I fall on your door in the middle of the night
And you take me in
If my head is low from a heavy load
And you lift my chin
If my feet are sore from a rocky road
And you caress them
You hold my hand when we take a walk
Sing my song from the mountaintop
Kiss me like you won’t ever stop

Chorus: Then I want for nothing
At the end of the day
Yeah I want for nothing
Hey, hey

If I pick a flower for your hair
And you pose for me
If I lay you down beneath blue sky
And you reach for me
If you rest your head against my chest
And share your dreams with me
If I bring you coffee in the morning light
And with sleepy eyes you hold me tight
We face every day baby side by side


Bridge: If I lay the world at your feet
And you smile for me