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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Think It's Gonna Rain Tonight (country)

(Brad Belt)
Think It’s Gonna Rain Tonight

© 2004 Tony Phipps and Brad Belt

I think it’s gonna rain tonight as I look out into the skies
Thinkin’ about all the times I held you in my arms
Wonder where you are tonight, is someone gazin’ in your eyes
You givin’ all your love to him, does he keep you safe and warm
I wonder if you ever think of how you loved me
And how you wanted me to love you too

Chorus: I think it’s gonna rain tonight
The stars aren’t shinin’ bright
And I can’t see the moonlight shinin’ through
I think it’s gonna rain tonight
The clouds can’t hide the sight
Of you being held there in his arms
It’s gonna rain tonight

So I sit here alone tonight as lightnin’ fills the sky
My mind goes to a time when love was all around
Sleep won’t come tonight as tears flow from my eyes
Thunder shakes the ground, the rain comes pourin’ down
I wonder why I never saw the love inside you
Must have been a blind and senseless fool