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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Never Up, Never In (comedy)

(Brad Belt)
Never Up, Never In

© 1998 Brad Belt

I was thirteen years old, wet behind both ears
I got hustled by my grandpa, who’d been golfin’ for a hundred years
Ten bucks ridin’ on a tree-foot putt, I thought I had it in the bag
But I left that sucker one inch short and I heard my grandpa say

Chorus Never up, never in is what he said to me
You gotta show that you want it boy, If you know what I mean
Keep a workin’ on your strokin’ and you can try me again
I hope you learned your lesson, never up, never in

Just a few years later in the back seat of my car
Everybody knew ‘bout Jenny Lou, but I hadn’t gotten that far
Just tryin’ to make an impression and I guess I surely did
I didn’t rise to the occasion, take a guess what she said


Last night I had a dream, I met Saint Peter at the gate
And he had this golden judgment scales and my deeds were little weights
He put the bad ones on the left and the good ones on the right
When that left side started goin’ down, I heard a voice from the other side