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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Some Days (Are Meant For Flyin') (classic-retro rock)

(Brad Belt)
Some Days (Are Meant For Flyin’)

© 2005 Brad Belt

Brand new mornin’, Brand new frame
Hear the road a callin’, Callin out my name
Just trip the trigger, Get the motor runnin’
Set it on the red line, Hit the fifth gear gunnin’

Don't care 'bout no speed limit sign
Some days are just made for flyin’
Can't be alive if you're already dead
Waste your life just gettin' ahead

Chorus: Some days are meant for tryin’
Some days are meant for cryin’
And some days are meant for flyin’

Change in my pocket, Wind in my hair
Tank full of gas, Headed out to nowhere
Don’t need no boss man, Gettin’ in my face
Don’t need no woman, Tryin’ to make me stay

Look at them Monday mornin' slaves
Workin’, drivin’, and diggin’ graves
Keep your head down, just keep crawlin’
Don't look up, the sky's a fallin'


I can smell the air, Taste the morning dew
Windin’ up the mountain for a brand new view
Adventure’s a waitin’, Hey Davy Crockett
You gotta bearskin jacket, I gotta Jap-made rocket

Gonna drop the chains of supposed to be
Live the life that’s in front of me
Gonna watch the past just disappear
In a cloud of dust in the rearview mirror