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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

SheHe (off-color comedy/country)

(Brad Belt)

© 2002 Brad Belt

I was truckin' down some old state routes dodgin' bears and chicken coups
When I stopped in for a burger and some fries
Got my belly full and I was feelin' fine walked back to that truck of mine
But I was greeted by some tight-fittin' Levi's

She looked me up she looked me down said "Boy, when did you blow into town?
If you don't mind my askin' are ya headed East"
I said "No mam I'm pointed West" She said "That's all right west is best
How would you like a little company"

Well she looked as fine as she could be so I set her right up next to me
Tryin' to keep my enthusiasm to myself
We pulled out of that parkin' lot I thought 'Man look at what have I got'
But destiny was about to unveil itself

Chorus: She said her name was Shehe
She was pretty as could behe
She said she'd like to take a ride with mehe
And I had no way of knowin'
This hen had done some crowin'
I was blinded by love and could not seehe

We made it back to the interstate Shehe said she could hardly wait
To be truckin' with a big ol' boy like me
I was crushin' gators in the hammer lane drivin' like a man insane
'Cause I was about as excited as a man can be
We were makin' out and a makin' time doin' eighty mile an hour across the state line
I didn't even notice when we passed that ace
He ran us down and started chewin' said "Boy what the Hell are you doin'"
And "Is that lipstick all over your face"

Then he stepped up and looked across and there she sat with her arms crossed
And he said "Dan are you at it again"
I said "Officer you must be confused that name you just used
Well Dan that's a man's name"
He said "Son let me put it this way Dan here’s got this little game he plays
when he finds an unsuspecting trucker like you
It all starts with that female disguise but it ends with a big surprise
Well you get the picture
I said "officer you mean I been makin' out with a man"
He said "son consider this your lucky day I'm just gonna send you on your way
But Dan here I goin' to have to take her uh him in" "Officer"