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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Pumpernickel and Pie (folk/comedy)

(Brad Belt)
Pumpernickel And Pie

© 2006 Brad Belt

A tender was she Down by the dock
Serving spirits As hard as the rock
From the country Old Where the women are bold
And prefer Sebastian Bach

Not the prettiest was she Not by a shot
But a priss or a prude She was not
She would dawdle the eye As she shuffled by
Smelling of mandelbrot

Fully loaded was she With bosom and brass
She took my order With a twist of her ass
Betwixt and between Visions of Balanchine
I was mightily intrigued alas

Chorus: A twinkle in her eye
Pumpernickel and pie
Cremes and crumps by the bed
She goes coast to coast
And is finer than most
With a heart nearly big as her head

Caught her eye did I As the night wore on
And I bantered bravely In bravura baritone
Trying to latch A woman my match
To take me back to her home

Fairly certain was I By the cut of her jib
So lively was she Take me home she did
Two at a time The stairs were climbed
And into the bed we did skid

She rolled me once She rolled me twice
Not sure but I think She rolled me thrice
In the next morn Was I quite worn
And me head was needin’ some ice

To the bed came she With breakfast and brew
Surely expecting A morning debut
But my stomach did stir As I hastily bid her
A cock-a-doodle adieu