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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Painted Eyes (rock/folk/adult alternative)

(Brad Belt)
Painted Eyes

© 2006 Brad Belt

She looked so young, I thought to myself
As she opened the door and let me in.
Her eyes were a dark shade of brown
And the soft light glisten’d on her skin.
She kissed me with words as she took my hand
And led me to her bed.
Her gentle rain washed away my pain
Nothin’ more was said.

Chorus: Painted eyes, painted smiles
Designed to please in every way
Willing to go that extra mile
For the lonely man who'll pay

I knew before I’d left that I would find myself
Back at her door again.
And as I paid the fee, our eyes agreed
That I would be one of her men.


And now in the night her eyes shinin’ bright
In my mind in the still as I lay.
I realize with eyes open wide
That I am a man who’ll pay.