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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

November Rain (country)

(Tony Phipps)
November Rain

 1999 Tony Phipps & Brad Belt

This November rain is feelin' colder
As autumn leaves start to fall
This road I'm on is gettin' longer
As her memory comes to call

I took the plans we were makin' and put them on a shelf
Left the love that was there for the takin' only thinkin' of myself

Chorus: Seasons come and seasons go
But some things never change
In my heart it's bitter cold
Like this November rain

Well, you'd think by now I'd know where I'm goin'
After all this time I've had to find
But everything I am has got me knowin'
The answers have turned to questions in my mind.

A young man's confidence can lead to a heavy heart
I couldn't see the consequences, and didn't do my part


This November rain is gettin' colder

And now peace of mind is what I after
For this man who took love in vain
Through all the tears, joy and laughter
I'll wash my spirit
In this cold November rain