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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

That's Not Why I Play With Lovely Sharlene (comedy)

(Brad Belt)
That's Not Why I Play With Lovely Sharlene

© 1998 Brad Belt

Her hair is pulled back, she sports a visor today
Our tee time's at 8:00 on this morning in May
We load up the cart, it's a beautiful day
She's swingin' in the sunshine ready to play

Chorus: It's lean, it's mean, one Hell of a swing
Almost obscene, she makes that ball scream
She's the best that I've seen from tee to green
But that's not why I play with lovely Sharlene

She gets so excited when she outdrives my ball
She struts and she sparkles, I don't mind at all
And when she gets a birdie, she can't be contained
We dance and we hug--I do love this game!


Bridge: She is a vision, simple and pure
There's nothin' that I wouldn't endure
To be by her side, to look in her eyes
She likes to golf, and so, so do I