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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Mornin' After (comedy)

(Brad Belt)
Morning After

© 1999 Gary Tanner & Brad Belt

Carefully standin' under my hat
Listenin' to the sound of my head pound
And wishin' that that damn cat
Would stop all that stompin' around

I think I've found the secret
Of what lead to this achin' head
Must've been the sleep that caused it
'Cause I sure felt good when I went to bed

Chorus: Last night's fun and laughter
Like drums bangin' in my head
Another morning after
Wonderin' what it was I did and said!

Last night I felt witty and wise
Laughin' at my jokes until I hurt
This morning there's a road map in my eyes
Tellin' me I took a wrong turn

Starin' at that bottle I drank from
Feelin' like a bulb that ain't that bright
Wonderin' what happened to all that wisdom
That I found in there last night