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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Holding You Now (civil war/pop/AAA)

(Gwendolyn Edwards)
Holding You Now

© 2002 Brad Belt

This morning they came to burn Wavering down
My head is full of those angry sounds
Soldiers in blue, proud Union forces
Bayonets and rifles, horses and torches
With abandon I stood as held them at bay
Now my heart shakes
Tears fill my eyes as I realize
I would have died for you, today

Chorus: If love were a color between Gray and Blue
And (if) wishes had wings to take me to you
I’d be hugging you, touching you, kissing you now
If only I could, I’d be holding you now

Tonight as I lie in this big lonely bed
Images of war invading my head
I try to remember times spent with you
And to feel the love, so real, so true
I read your letters in soft candlelight
And I pray for tonight
For your safe return as I yearn
I cry for you, tonight