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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Gonna Hold You Tonight (country/folk/pop)

(Brad Belt)
Gonna Hold You Tonight

© 2001 Dan Marsh and Brad Belt

You told me that you had to go
To that city where the music flows
You were chasin' a rainbow, I was chasin' you
When you left, I thought that we were through
But, last night on the telephone
You said, "Baby, I’m comin’ home."

Chorus: Til your head shares my pillow
Til I see your face in the mornin' light
I keep lookin' out my window
Anticipation runnin’ high
Gonna hold you tonight

You were aimin’ for a distant star
I watched you ride away on an old guitar
You been working the night singin' the blues
I kept the home fires burnin’ for you
The minutes, they just go crawlin' by
Til I see your lights comin' down the drive.

Bridge: I was so afraid your love would melt away
You’d never be mine again
But last night you took my fears away
I’m gonna hold you again