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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Give The Devil A Ride (country/folk)

(Brad Belt)
Give The Devil A Ride

© 2007 Brad Belt

I was ever bit sixteen
Full of P and V
I thought the world was just a toy
I could do anything I pleased
Didn’t plan to hurt anybody
Or cause any real harm
But if stupid was a weapon
I was fully armed

Yeah, life is like a hammer
When you tempt fate too far
It came down on me and my friend
We were a drinking in my car
I was doin’ about a hundred
When we left the road that night
I can still hear Joe a screamin’
As a tree turned out the lights

Chorus: On the road of life
You best be law-abidin’
And don’t give the Devil a ride
Cause he’ll end up drivin’

Now I’ve done some thinkin’
On many a sleepless night
Wondering why I was spared
And my friend had lost his life
I remember like a thousand times
They said “Don’t Drink And Drive,
You mix alcohol and asphalt
You don’t come out alive”

If right is right and wrong is wrong
I should be in that grave
I’ll never understand why
My friend had to pay
Now I’m a walking example
I’ll never drink again
Lord knows I’ll never get over
Killing my best friend