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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Big Baby Blues (r&b/blues)

(Brad Belt)
Big Baby Blues

© 2004 Brad Belt

Your big time baby been a high time flyin’
Big mistake left my baby cryin’
Everybody say the Devil get his due
For all that runnin’ around on you

Well baby everything they said was true
Now your baby got the big baby blues yeah

Chorus: Big baby tears are fallin’ every night
Big baby arms long to hold you tight
Big baby heart’s a hurtin’ thru and thru
Your baby got the big baby blues
Yeah your baby got the big baby blues

This big ol cheatin’ heart took a toll on me
Brought me down beggin’ on my knees
Big big lesson learned the hard ol way
Take me back one time c’mon what you say

Cause baby I been hit by a big ol truth
Ain’t nothin’ in this world like a big ol you yeah