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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Baby Come See Me Tonight (light rock/adult alternative)

(Brad Belt)
Baby Come See Me Tonight

© 2005 Brad Belt

Walking a tightrope circle
Hanging from a star
Torn between a picket fence
And a worn-out old guitar
They tell me I’ve got a gift to share
And I sure hope they’re right
‘Cause nothing that I’ve ever tried to do
Ever felt this right, but

Chorus: Baby come see me tonight
And I’ll play your favorite song
You can meet me after the show
I’d love to walk you home
Play it anyway you like
I can sleep on the sofa it’s alright
But baby don’t make me
Spend tonight alone

It’s been almost a year now
Since I left this town
I know you had to wonder baby
If I’d ever come back around
If my words mean a single thing
Though I’ve lost all rights
Every morning I think of you
And I miss you every night


Bridge: At night when the lights go dim
You smile and hold my hand
In these lonely dreams
It seems
I find myself again