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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Another Place, Another Time (New Age/pop/adult alternative)

(Brad Belt)
Another Place, Another Time

© 2007 Brad Belt

I climb the old mountains
Where the echoes come around
And the Old Ones’ stories
Can still be found
Where long shadows dance
On fresh fallen snow
And the sky whispers
Of a time long ago

Chorus Take me up
Take me back
Let me dance around the zodiac
Imagine a world
Of rhythm and rhyme
Another place, another time

The call of the wild
Stirs from within
Pulling me back
To the one I am
To be one with earth
And all who would dwell
To find the water pure
And drink from the well


There’s room in our hearts
There’s room in our minds
For another place
Another time
Before the bombs
Before the steel
Before the words
Before the wheels