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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

A Better State Of Grace (spiritual/christian rock)

(Brad Belt)
A Better State Of Grace

© 2007 Brad Belt

I wanna make a mark I wanna find a way
I wanna do a fine deed To make a better day
I wanna use my words To lighten a load
To capture a heart To sooth a soul
I wanna use my ears For what should be heard
Filter through the shouts To hear the whispers
I wanna use my eyes For what should be seen
To see the mistakes As well as the dreams
I wanna bandage the wounds And relieve the pain
And give the endangered A chance to remain

Chorus: I wanna be Moses I wanna be Samson
I wanna be David I wanna be Solomon
I wanna have a purpose I wanna have a place
I wanna leave the world in a better state of Grace.

I wanna tell Mother Theresa Job well done dear
May Heaven hold for you A big ol’ lounge chair
I wanna tell the the Crusaders Put your spears away
God doesn’t want his Word Spread around that way
I wanna tell the greedy Be careful on whom you tread
Money is just stiff paper And it makes a lousy bed
I wanna extend a helpful hand To the homeless souls
Help them find their way Give them shelter from the cold
I wanna gather the wasted Lead them to a better place
Of peace and trust Safety and space