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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Pretty Senorita (adult alternative/pop/light rock)

(Brad Belt)
Pretty Senorita

© 2003 Brad Belt

Crossin' the border as the sun went down
Brown baggin’ tequila as the night came around
Adios San Diego, Tiquiana too
Just the stars, this hog, and a Mexico mood

Pulled from the concrete to the dirt and the wind
Embraced by the spirit of an old friend within
Stopped at the sight of a crowd in the night
And I heard someone say as I stepped to the light

Chorus: Pretty Senorita, won't you dance for me
Take me away from my misery
Pretty Senorita, won't you dance for me

Passion filled the air, she was any man’s desire
Dancin’ to the guitar and the cracklin’ fire
Caught up in the magic, I lingered for awhile
Then she caught my eyes and returned my smile

But I knew that she knew she could never be mine
Her dance was a gift that would live on in my mind
My headlight searched the desert as I rode into the night
In my mind she was still dancin’ in the firelight