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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

The Executioner (political/folk)

(Brad Belt)
The Executioner

© 2003 Brad Belt

Why my friend? He’ll never know
He told me once you don’t just say no
Machine was simple procedure was too
Just follow the steps boys a job for a fool
For weeks they practiced could do it in their sleep
Became the experts on the injection machine On It Goes
Syringes and plungers solenoids and pins
Doses like soldiers ready to march in
Capital justice placed in the hands
Of two gentle people one was my friend
Thou Shalt Not Kill came from within
Who on earth can forgive us our sins On It Goes
Souls on death row just outside the door
Rolling in on gurneys to the killing floor
Curtains would open the warden would read
Vengeful eyes watched from front row seats
Last words spoken shaky but clear
No call from the govn’r the hour was here
The cast was set the script in place
The machine delivered injections on pace On It Goes
Many lives taken in the name of law
Ultimate justice vengeance for all
Prosecutors, judges and the governor mourned
But the executioners took it all home
The machine did the killing they tried to conspire
‘Til John Wayne came and the death gun misfired

Chorus Pull the curtain boys The damn thing is jammed
Ya know the routine Gotta do this one by hand
He’ll be dead in ten minutes If we all do our jobs
We got no choice boys The death gun misfired

My friend did his job Gacey was dead
No way a knowin’ what lay ahead
How the sleep wouldn’t come and the demons would rise
And fill the night with knowing eyes
Where does the executioner go to escape the ghosts
That come every night and torture his soul On It Goes
No way to sleep no way to shed
The vision of Gacey at the end of his bed
Charlie Walker said “Don’t fuck this up guys”
Was he the only one ready to die
All the others who will forgive
Or forget those eyes begging to live On It Goes
He can’t stop thinking what does it mean
The executioner’s white shirt and blue jeans
Suicidal depression the doctor said
Here’s some Prozac to clear your head
Then Effexor, then Paxil eight tries in all
Nothing was breaking the suicidal fall
The demons gathered every night
Said put him on the gurney strap’em down tight On It Goes
A moment of truth hangin’ by a thread
The executioner set his gun to his head
The last second saw both hands fall
But the bullet fired went through the wall
On a January night alone in his den
The stay for the executioner had finally come in