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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Neon's Fading In The Distance (country/bluegrass)

(Brad Belt)
Neon’s Fading In The Distance

© 1998 Gary Tanner and Brad Belt

I need a change of scene
No freeways or air pollution
I still have some dreams
But they ain’t high falutin’
Country girl gave me an understandin’
When she asked me to come back home
She don’t care about social standing
She don’t even know any Jones’s

Chorus: There’s a country breeze
Rolling through the windows
And a country song
On the radio
A little white line
Taking me to loved ones and the
Neon’s fading in the distance

Truck’s loaded up with all I own
There’s still room to spare
Gonna get myself home
Soon as I can get there
So play me a travelin’ song
Drink a toast to my good luck
Goin’ back to where I belong
In a one-way U-Haul truck

Bridge: City life’s okay I guess
But it ain’t for me
Goin’ back to where I fit best
Back to the country