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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Kozmik Cowboy (cont. folk)

(Brad Belt)
Kozmik Cowboy

© 2003 Brad Belt & Robert Vaught

He’ll tell you ‘bout Woody’s goin’ nowhere blues
The hobos and drifters and women he knew
Watch as his heart crawls out from his sleeve
Jumps on your shoulder and whispers the truth

Raised poor but proud like many back then
He remembers the drifters Grandpa took in
Warm food in their belly a bunk for the night
Shake hands as they left down the road again

Chorus: Bent but not broken he goes his way
He’ll talk if you’ll listen he’s got lots to say
He’ll tell you ‘bout freedom and the goodness of man
The Kozmik Cowboy ridin’ through this land.
Yeah there’s a Kozmik Cowboy ridin’ through this land.

He’ll tell you straight how he went astray
How the almighty dollar took him away
Made him a slave in a dog eat dog world
And wrapped his heart in a plastic bouquet

He’ll tell ‘bout the house that the bank took away
‘Bout losin’ his job and his 401K
How he was stricken and now needs a cane
But the bills keep comin’ no money to pay


“You gotta take what is given and pass it along
Nothin’ is yours ‘cept a cigarette and a song
Take nothin’ for granted not even your life
Flesh and bone they don’t last very long”

“There are still folks among us that care ‘bout you
But worry my friend their numbers are few
Good will is precious and so hard to find
There’s ghosts in the wind with nothin’ to lose”

It’s not a handout he’s askin’ when he bends your ear
He’s got things to say you might wanna hear
Give him a minute but it might take an hour
For the light to come down and the truth to stand clear