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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Trains Don't Run Here Anymore (bluegrass/country/folk)

(Brad Belt)
Trains Don’t Run Here Anymore

© 2003 Gary Tanner & Brad Belt

We conjured up lonely images
As we listened to the lonesome sounds
The whistles on those old steam engines
Wonderin’ where they might be bound

Engineers waved with gloved hands
As we watched his train go by
Box cars swayin’ in a graceful dance
Slowly fadin’ from our sight

Chorus: Steam whistles soundin’ forlorn
Hobos waving from the box car doors
Smoke billowin’ from the big smoke stacks
Chug-chug, choo-choo, clickety-clack
Sights and sounds from the days of yore
Those trains don’t run here anymore

Rails shinin’ in the moon and the sun
Hobos ridin’ to hell and back
Some goin’ home, some on the run
Travelin’ light with bandana knapsacks

Several names connected to these tracks
Cairo-Vincennes, New York Central, Big Four
Now a bike trail from H’burg to Karnak
‘Cause trains don’t run here anymore