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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Most Folks Called Him Charley (country ballad)

(Brad Belt)
Most Folks Called Him Charley

© 2001 Brad Belt & Dave Bowen

Just an ordinary day
Least it started out that way
Then got an unexpected phone call
A little past eight
Now I'm headed to the airport
In this pouring down rain
To catch that red-eyed flight
To take me back to Maine
This would be the last time
This would be the last time to see
My old friend

Starin' out the window
At the darkness below
This wet coat wrapped around me
Lord, it sure feels cold
There must be a million people
In peaceful sleep tonight
As I travel through the memories
On this long, lonely flight
Don't know if I can bear
Don't know if I can bear to say
The last goodbye

Bridge: We'd walk down to the creek
Sit on that old log
Talk about everything
And nothin' at all
I would pitch and he would catch
For hours on end
There was never any question
He was my best friend

Everyone was watchin'
As tears fell from my eyes
And I took that worn-out catcher's mitt
And tucked it by his side
Said, "Take that to remember
All the fun we had."
Then one by one, the last respects
Everyone was sad
Most folks called him Charley
Most folks called him Charley, but I
Just called him Dad