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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Truckin Life (americana/country/adult alternative)

(Brad Belt)
Truckin' Life

© 2002 Brad Belt

The snow is startin' to drift across this interstate
This old rig is shaky and I don't trust these brakes
I know I should pull over and let this storm pass by
But I just keep on drivin' and I don't even know why

Chorus: My head is sore on Kentucky whiskey and I'm
Carryin' a load of Old Milwaukee and I'm
Headed for Champaign
I can't believe how much I miss her and
How I long to hold and kiss her and
This truckin' life is drivin' me insane

There's an exit sign that says Rockford up ahead
I could trade this drafty ol' cab for a nice warm bed
But, I just drove on by like the fool I am
I guess this icy cold night fits the mood I'm in


Bridge: What draws a man to this life, I don't know
To lose the one that he loves for this damn ol' life on the road