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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Driving You Out Of My Mind (uptempo country)

(Brad Belt)
Driving You Out Of My Mind

© 2004 Gary Tanner & Brad Belt

A full moon shining bright
Fog floating 'cross my headlights
Panels turned way down low
Wind whistling past my window
It's a nice night for a drive
And I'm driving you out of my mind

Chorus: Tires are slapping out a rhythm
The wind sings a melody
My mind is keeping time with 'em
Laying down another memory
And I'm driving you, driving you, driving you out of my mind

You said you needed time to think
And space to spread your wings
In silence, I begged you to stay
As you waved and drove away
Like the smoke from those diesel stacks
There's no way to bring you back

Bridge: I hope this road runs from sea to sea
'Cause I got miles and miles of memories