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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Take Me Back Home (classic country)

(Brad Belt)
Take Me Back Home

© 1998 Brad Belt & Tony Phipps

Once when there were no furrows on the brow
And his hands were strong, not as weathered as now
Love was brand new and time just a passing friend
He made a home in the bottom land

Now his mind dwells on those simpler times
Old memories seem to ease life's crimes
He longs to see the old house to know that it's still there
To sit on the porch and taste the sweet air

Take me back home, I feel I must go now
To the old river bottoms I turned with a plow
To feel the earth below and the sun up above
And once again let me be with the one I love

It's a lot to ask, my son, for the trip is long
And it's an awful bother to take an old man home
But I am sure I hear the chariots comin' 'round the bend
I hope you understand I need to see the old place again.

Bridge: An old leather suitcase
Goin' back in time
He'll lay beside the one he loved
In the land he left behind, he said