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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Headed To Nashville (americana/country/folk)

(Brad Belt)

© 2003 Brad Belt

Headed south from Illinois on interstate 24
With my good friend Shannon I’d met the week before.
Strummin’ and a singin’ as we cross the Ohio
Slappin’ down a beat to the rhythm of the road.

Chorus: We’re two in a million in trucks and in cars
Self-proclaimed writers and wannabe stars
With dreams in our pockets and hearts in our hands
Headed to Nashville

Like Dorothy and the scarecrow on the yellowbrick road
Dancin’ down the highway to the motherlode
Spirits from the back roads givin’ up the night
Shed the dust of wanderlust in the Nashville lights

Bridge: There’s gold and platinum and the plastic glistens
The bluebird sings but nobody listens
The landfills are full of songs never heard
And where you’re from and who you know speak louder than your words

Rhinestone Opry legends greet you with a smile
Pretty sentinels take your songs and throw’em in a pile
“Don’t call us, we’ll call you” you learn in the by-in-by
The Nashville game has a name, it’s m-o-n-e-y