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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Amtrak 99 (bluegrass/country/folk)

(Brad Belt)
Amtrak 99

© 2004 Brad Belt

Destination Chi-town, Amtrak 99
She was sippin’ Chardonay when her eyes met mine
It took about one second, that love train was flyin'
Chug chuggin' into lovin', rollin' down the line

Steel wheels turnin' too fast to see
Sparks were flyin' between her and me
Hot metal passion burnin' wild and free
A fast movin' train runnin' over me

Chorus: Rockin’ on down the northbound line
Goin’ downtown makin’ good time
Conductor snoring big engine roaring
All aboard the Amtrak 99

It was a sleek new design, very refined
Well engineered and streamlined
Built to go the distance time after time
A ride to remember on the Amtrak 99

Like the Wabash Cannonball, she goes rollin' through my mind
A mighty rushin' engine and a long lonesome whine
But she vanished like the steam of that Rock Island Line
Now my heart rides forever on the Amtrak 99