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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

He Was Special (Gary's Song) (country/political)

(Brad Belt)
He Was Special

© 2001 Brad Belt

He never learned to read
Lord knows how he tried
Except for his name,
He never learned to write
He was "special"
That's what they said
That word just made'em feel better
'Bout what was missing in Gary's head

Chorus: But if special is what special does
A promise made, a gift of love
True to word, true to deed
He was special
Special, indeed

Didn't like politicians
Got that from Dad
Bein' rich don't get you into heaven
Mom always said
Liked his independence
And his big screen TV
Never met a stranger
They were just friends to be

Bridge: In this cynical world
He was beat from the start
'Cause God had given him
Way too much heart