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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Hear The Wind (classic rock/folk)

(Brad Belt)
President, Local Chapter

 2000 Brad Belt
I don't smoke tobaccy
Or the weed they call wacky
I don't drink and I don't drive too fast
And I'll get your suspicion
When you hear my ambition
Is simply to come in last!
Everyday I'm in trainin'
I'm even campaignin'
Moderation I hold is the key
To unlock the door
To the secrets in store
To excessive longevity

Chorus: President, local chapter
Centenarians Anonymous
That's what I'm plannin' to be
And I'll get that position
By burying the competition
And accumulated seniority

So it's fruits and vegetables
Never delectables
Top it off with prunes and bran
Moderation, I say
Every minute, every day
Dedicated to a simple plan
With a wealth of good health
I'll indulge myself
'Til even the good doctors say,
"His engine's well-oiled,
His chassis unspoiled
Why, he gettin' younger each day!"


Bridge: Then in glorious survival
When I've outlived all rivals
And the Presidential honor's bestowed
My only regret
There'll be no one left
To tell, "I told you so."