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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Golf Is A Cussin' Game (comedy)

(Brad Belt)
Golf Is A Cussin’ Game

© 1998 Brad Belt

Well, I'm a man of principle and high morality
I try hard every day to do what's right, you see
I don't indulge in gossip or run anybody down
If I can't say something nice, well I don't make a sound
And I never say nasty words, they're not in my vocab
I believe in the Good Book and you go to Hell for bein' bad
But lately something terrible has happened to me
I've started playin' the game of golf and it's set a Devil free
Every time I hit a bad shot, I hear these awful sounds
I stand in shock and disbelief cuz they're comin' from my mouth yeah

Chorus: Golf is a cussin' game
A red-face, rubber neckin' fussin' game
A gosh durn, dag-nabbin
Cocker doodle, mucker flappin
Kiss my ever-lovin', cussin' game.

Well, I knew I had to deal with that Devil in me
No stupid game like golf was gonna get the best of me
I said "Calm your emotions, boy, and keep a steady head
After all it's just a game, only a fool would get upset"
One more time, a new frame of mind, I hit that course again
I teed it high and let it fly, then came the wind
I watched that shot I'd hit so well go sailin' out of bounds
And once again my ears detected those God-awful sounds
My mouth was machine-gunnin' words that I'd never even heard
In two seconds flat the air was filled with a grandiose assortment of wordy dirds