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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Who's Comin' Tonight (adult alternative/rock/folk)

(Brad Belt)
Who's Comin' Tonight

© 2001 Brad Belt

Yeah, I think that I have learned why your friend was so unconcerned when I kissed you right in front of her
You took me from the lobby, introduced me to your hobby, now I think I can infer
As I tallied up the score, you pushed me out the door and handed me your business card
Then I walked back down the street rag people at my feet, the sidewalks here they are so scarred
You spoke of other dates with relish not in good taste and the waiter he could have told us
But the words from your lips were landin' on your hips and my eyes couldn't help but notice
Your lack of innocence was not unbecomin'
The antifreeze and the wine they were runnin'
And we slipped into your driveway.

Chorus: But, who's comin' tonight
For sweet nocturnal delight
Vibrations from your bed
Radiate out through your web
Tuggin' on my head, tonight
And I ponder, who's comin' tonight

Yeah, my friend he asked me please what's that on your sleeve could it be you are in love
So I told him about you and what you'd let me do as if that was enough
He tried to look forlorn, but I've seen that smile before, and I knew just what it meant
I vaguely heard him say as I turned and walked away that it wasn't his intent
My voice I send your way intercepted everyday you know she sounds so unbelievable
But I really must admit I'm makin' too much of it when it's obvious that it's unretrievable
But your lack of innocence was not unbecomin'
You knew just how to keep my motor hummin'
In your speedway beneath the covers


Yeah, your lack of innocence was not unbecomin'
And your performance was mind numbin'
And I wonder who's taken my place