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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

I'm Alive (classic rock/folk/adult alternative)

(Brad Belt)
I'm Alive

 1999 Brad Belt and Tony Phipps

A fistful a dollars
A handful of dreams
Fate is just a thumb in the air
Lookin' for a place
I ain't already seen
I'll know where I'm goin' when I get there
But all my indecisions keep crawling back to me
Chained to the past by unwelcome memories
But life ain't worth nothin' if livin' can't be free

Chorus: But, I'm Alive
This man is still alive
Took all my will to survive
But, I'm alive

Imagination tells me
How my life could be
This restless heart ain't no friend of mine
That I could marry that sweet girl
Who was crazy over me
But, that's just another place, another time

Ain't as though I haven't tried to live another life
And there's been those around me to help me compromise
But, life ain't worth livin' if livin' is a lie