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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Little Baby Jane

(Brad Belt)
January 18, 2017
Brad Belt
When a man lets his or her identity be absorbed by another through love or passion that person becomes sometimes irrevocably bound to a future that depends on maintaining the relationship. If that relationship is severed, the person loses everything he or she is living for. "you don't know, little baby Jane, what you done to me" . . .
Little Baby Jane

© 2016 Brad Belt

They say love is a thief in the night
It'll steal your very soul
They say beauty will take an eye
And passion will take 'em both
They say a fool is born every minute
'n he'll be the last one to see it that way
Here I sat broke, cold, and lonely
Never thought it'd turn out this way

Chorus: You don't know
Little baby Jane
What you done to me
No, you don't know
Little baby Jane
What you done

They say brush it off
Cut the strings and let it go
Get back on another horse
And ride like there's no . . .
Tomorrow is a thing of the past
When you've lost your will
Nobody understands
And nobody ever will