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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

He Could Fly (cont. folk/rock/adult alternative)

(Brad Belt)
He Could Fly

© 2001 Brad Belt

Was a little man
With a great big dream
To build himself
A flyin' machine
Worked all day
He worked all night
Then he waxed the wings
And he pulled the strings tight

Chorus: He told everyone
Yes, he told everyone
He told everyone
He could fly

He strapped himself in
As they gathered around
Then he flapped his wings
And he left the ground
He flew so high
He went out of sight
And the people that day
Said he never came back

They told everyone
Yes, they told everyone
They told everyone
He Could Fly

Bridge: Then the word got around
'Bout the flyin' machine
Now the air is so full
That you can't even breathe
He could fly (repeat)