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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Long Time Dead (cont. folk)

(Brad Belt)
Long Time Dead

© 2000 Brad Belt

You can dwell in a time that has gone before
When life was as it should be
Try to find peace of mind in a world left behind
In a fading memory
Or you can dwell in a time that's not yet to be
Put your life in a layaway
Work t'ward a dream, plan, build and scheme
Right up til the judgment day

Chorus: Or you can sing Auld Lang Syne
Drink strawberry wine
And put lots of butter on your bread
And in the time you're agivin'
Make the most of your livin'
'Cause you're a long, long time dead

You can drink from the well of the preacher from Hell
And ask to be sanctified
Spread the good word to those who've not heard
And wish to be justified
You can strive to be righteous and totally lifeless
Turn your back on the child in the womb
And hope that your fate in the final checkmate
Is to rise from an earthly tomb