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Brad Belt: Music-5pp


(Brad Belt)
March 7, 2012
Brad Belt
© 2011 Brad Belt

Talkin’ ‘bout the gamblers on the big street
Ridin' on the backs of main street
They mugged us for fun, took all of our money
Now we're strugglin' each day to make ends meet
These bankers and lawyers and Wall Street fat cats
Their token wifes and their Harvard boy frat rats
They squeeze and they shake and take everything I make
Driven only by greed for the greenbacks
Chorus1: I’ve been screwed
I feel like I’ve been screwed
It ain’t even funny
They take all my money
I’m tellin’ you, I’ve been screwed
Talkin' 'bout stiff shirts on the beltway
Lined up at the taxpayers buffet
Political goons makin' deals in back rooms
‘N givin' themselves a big pay day
Yeah, we got the best politicians that money can buy
They kiss all the babies and promise the sky
But when they get in the blindness begins
And they no longer can see the average guy
Chorus2: You've been screwed
Don’t you feel like you've been screwed
I’m tell you this
Not even a kiss
I’m tellin’ you, You’ve been screwed
Talkin' 'bout the big company oil men
Worryin' 'bout the stockholders’ dividends
They rape and they pillage and leave us with spillage
Until the water and the land is condemned
Talkin' 'bout the powder and the pill man
‘N how he promises to cure all your ills man
Patented compositions for temporary remission
We’re spending all our money on refills man
Chorus3: We’ve been screwed
I'm tellin' you we been screwed
Led to believe
Only to be deceived
I’m tellin’ you, we’ve been screwed