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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Creme and Sugar

(Brad Belt)
March 7, 2012
Brad Belt
Crème and Sugar

© 2007 Brad Belt

She said, Howdy Blink
With her usual wink
That morning’ just after 7
She’d brought me a brew
And I’d said “Laura Lou,
You know, this taste like heaven”
She tussled my hair
And then took a chair
Like she’d do when the mornin’ was slow
We jawed with Clutch and Keb
Like we always did
That Friday before the wind did blow

Chorus: There was a time
Ya get smile for a dime
Lord, she was a looker
Now I’m sittin’ in the back
Drinkin’ my coffee black
I ain’t got no crème and sugar

She’d bring us our brew
And man she knew
Just the way we liked it
Me, Keb and Clutch
Weren’t worth that much
‘Cept maybe in Laura’s eyes, but
That sweet Lady’s gone
A big hand came along
And just reached down and took her
Clutch moved away
Keb don’t talk these days
And I miss my crème and sugar