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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

The Singer

(Brad Belt)
March 7, 2012
Brad Belt and Dan Marsh
The Singer

© 2006 Brad Belt and Dan Marsh

Sittin in a blues bar on the east side of town
The singer kicked into a song and I laid a twenty down
She sang about her first love and a struggle to survive
The rage of a hard-knuckled boy with a violent appetite
How she had to break away in the middle of the night

I watched her life unfold as she sang about the pain
Was like lookin through a window of a slow movin train
She served the bitter truth, like a taste of turpentine
No dark secret left untold line after line
Through tears and broken smiles we shared a place in time

Chorus: Those southern blues come rainin down,
Rainin down on me
Wash away my pain,
Wash away my misery
Tell ya, anything that singer sang
Was all right by me
Her soft voice as welcome as a warm southern breeze

How do you explain that feelin, how it takes you by surprise
How an injured bird could have such fearless eyes
Hard words sung softly, black and blue the river flowed
The love she expressed for an old guitar, the way she held it close
But as I watched and listened, I could feel that fellin grow

As she put down her guitar, I said, “Singer if you please?
How about just one more for a banjo man from Tennessee?
And maybe a cup of coffee if you can spare the time
There’s a little place that stays open late down on 5th an Vine”
She smiled and said, “Mr. Banjo man, if you can spare the dime.”