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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Down By The Levee

(Brad Belt)
March 7, 2012
Brad Belt
Down By The Levee
© 2009 Brad Belt

Funny how on a bright sunny day
A storm cloud can turn your way
The boys had been drinkin’ down by the river
Said they were just passin along a favor
Seems they was passin hooch when he came along
And that many eyes couldn’t all be wrong

Their story was crazy, but had be true
They said they’d seen Tom Pedigrew
He drove by and waived just like any other
Down by the levee where he killed my brother
Ain’t it funny how a man on death row
Could be drivin around in an old GTO
Chorus Ain’t it funny what you say
Ain’t it funny yea yeah
Ain’t it funny in a crazy sorta way

They could be wrong, I hoped somehow
But a call to the warden left no doubt
Just hours ago he made his escape
One guard dead, another wounded in his wake
On the loose, 300-mile radius
A stolen Pontiac, armed and dangerous

You see, Bill and I had turned him in
And Tom's pride had to have its revenge
He found Bill before they found him
Strangled him dead with two strong hands
Ain’t it funny how things come around
And now Tom Pedigrew is back in town

The warden was screamin orders, I heard him say
Now you stay put, we’re on our way
Maybe he had a notion what was on my mind
A score to be settled, now was the time
I figured Tom hadn’t changed, nor had I
Guess the day of reckoning had finally arrived

His car was parked, facing away
Elbow out the window I heard him say
"Y’know prison ain’t no place to die
Better out here ‘neath a big blue sky
Looks like its down to just me and you
One brother killed, might as well make it two"

The door swung open and a foot hit the ground
Had a pistol in his hand as he turned around
"It’s been a while" he said with a grin
"Got any words for an old family friend
Ya know I spent a lotta hours thinkin about this day
Sittin in that cell contemplatin Hell"

Bridge: Before I could speak, his hand shot up
I was fast, but not fast enough
I heard the hammer fall as my gun exploded
How could I know his gun wasn’t loaded

Don’t know if it’s right, don’t know if it’s not
But I buried Tom in the family plot
There lies mom and dad, Tom and Bill
One stone to go on the side of that hill
With whiskey dim eyes funny how clear I see
Three young brothers playing cops and robbers
Down by the levee